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At UPF University, I teach the Workshop in feature-film screenwriting. On the other hand, I also mentor the end-of-degree projects in screenwriting in Audiovisual Communication.

  I've got my Ph.D. in Social Communication in the Department of Communication at University Pompeu Fabra.
My doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr. Xavier Pérez Torío (UPF) analyzes the survival of classical narrative model in the independent American film cinema from a neuropsychological perspective.
At the beginning of the 21st century we can see how a co-dependency between independent American cinema and the Hollywood film industry has been created. Thus, the aim of this thesis is to investigate if some essential elements of classical narrative persist which have allowed certain independent films to be easily absorbed and distributed by Hollywood. From a neuroscientific perspective, particularly focused on cognitive psychology, and from a starting point intrinsically tied to narratology, key elements in the emotional and cognitive processing of the brain have been researched in order to understand what are the essentials of classical narrative which have survived hidden under the complex narrative mechanics of some contemporary American independent authors' films.



At URL University
, I teach Screenplay Theory at Audiovisual Communication. I also lecture at the Official Master in Film and Television Fiction. Production, Script and Realization conducting the Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop and mentoring their projects.


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