We need desperately someone to tell us stories.
Just as much as eating, we need them because they help us to organize the reality and to enlighten the chaos of our lives.
                                Paul Auster

Films or television? Books or movies?
It is difficult to choose when what you really love is just telling stories!

I was born in Barcelona a warm morning of August and, since I was young, I've always been fascinated by stories: tales told at bedtime, books learned by heart without even knowing how to read, films seen thousands of times over ...

Afterwards, when I grew up, I was not only fascinated by the stories I could find in books and movies, but also by the stories people I start to meet told me. The experiences people have sometimes are even more enthralling than the ones you find in books. My passion for traveling helped to never stop exploring, listening and imagining new stories!  

All i all led me to wish to write my own stories. I ended up studying Audiovisual Communication. But I never forgot my literary passion. I started writing novels and, at the same time, I came into the magic world of cinema: I became script editor of others stories, the ones that afterwards I could see at the movies. Some time later, I was in charge of the Content Areas at the Audiovisual Development Centre.

Stories and more stories led me to start working freelance and, in the end, I could see some of my stories published in books or broadcasted on television.

Right now, I'm listening, traveling, reading and writing books and screenplays for film and television, for adults and children.

At the same time, I am lucky to be teaching at the University what I like the most: the art of writing compelling stories.