Barcelona, 1939. The Spanish Civil War is nearly over. As a soldier fighting against Franco’s troops, Felip knows he must be cautious. But fortune is not on his side: he, his wife Lola and their young daughter Maria are captured by the Fascists. Maria is placed in a family of high-ranking Fascists, her parents are sent to a concentration camp in southern France. The young couple’s love is put to the test when Lola is separated from Felip and begins to despair of ever seeing either Maria or Felip again. She finds comfort – and love – in the arms of a rugged border runner, Manel. But then Lola finds her daughter, and Manel volunteers to steal the child back from her foster parents and bring her to Lola, thus sealing their love. In the meantime, Hitler’s troops are swarming through Europe. After escaping from the Fascists, Felip chooses to fight the Nazis in the French Foreign Legion. As the war continues to rage, Lola joins the Resistance, where she meets up with Manel, the man she now loves, and is forced to choose between duty and desire ...

Directed by:  Felip Solé
Written by:   Pau Garsaball and Marta Grau
Executive producer:
  Raimon Masllorens and Pau Calpe Rufat
Executive producer TVC:
Cruz Rodríguez and Susanna Jiménez
Executive producer TVE:    
Maite Pisonero
Series Cinematography by: 
Josep Maria Civit
Series Music by: 
 Xavier Capellas
Bea Segura, Oriol Tarrasón, Roger Coma, Javier Beltrán,
                   Jordi Dauder,  Marc Martínez, Aida Folch, Iván Morales.




Gold Panda awardbest script: 12thSichuan TV Festival  2013
Magnolia award best tv-film: 19th Festival TV Shanghai 2013
Felip Solé
Gaudí award, best tv-film, 2013
V Gaudí Award: (Mejor película para a televisión)





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