CACARECO’S SYNDROME is the co-production between Ikiru FilmsTelevisió de Catalunya and Formato Producciones.
"A Síndrome Cacareco” will have its premiere in the Auditorium of Mera on the 25th of May. The TV movie is directed by Breogán Riveiro and based on a screenplay written by Riveiro in collaboration with Marta Grau. It is the second time that Ikiru collaborates with Riveiro, after the successful experience of Coming back home (“Tornar a casa”, 2010).

Sabela lives alone with her two children, Dani, a skeptical young man who neither study nor work and drifts, and Iago, a boy who wanted to be mayor applied an easy target for someone like him who has the syndrome Down. When Iago succeeds, after much effort, stand for election, Dani takes cue from him and changes his attitude regains enthusiasm for their future.
Nuria Roldós, the first woman signed a film as director of photography in Spain, takes care of it. The TV movie, based on a script of the same Breogán and Marta Grau, is a coproduction of Ikiru Films Productions format with TVG television and Television of Catalonia, which includes the participation of ICIC

Directed by:  Breogán Riveiro
Written by:   Breogán Riveiro y Marta Grau
Productores ejecutivos: Rosa Bosch, Edmon Roch y Andrés Barbé
Producción ejecutiva de TVC: Cruz Rodríguez y Susanna Jiménez
Producción ejecutiva de TVE:    Maite Pisonero
Director de fotografía:   Núria Roldós
Música:       Xavier Capellas
IntérpretesPaula Vives (Antía), Marc Homs (Daniel),
                  Tonet Ramírez (Iago),  María Bouzas (Sabela),
                   Ernesto Chao (Ramón) y Carlos Blanco (Arturo)






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