We are screenwriting experts, dedicated to analyze the weaknesses and fortresses of scripts or treatments in order to improve them. We always respect the writer point of view and we focus on the producer’s aim to develop this script. The goal is to strengthen the script, always looking for possible solutions to help the writer.


As an analyst, I work for televisions, producers, national and international public institutions and for writers and directors with projects under development:

Script Coverage

Addressed to: acquisition TV departments, independent producers, public institutions or development departments in production companies.

Function: overall project reading, focusing on the most relevant aspects: character, structure, theme, dialogue and viability of the project depending on the selected market.

In-depth Analysis
Addressed to
:  producers, development executives, directors, screenwriters.
Function:  in-depth analysis of a script or treatment on its first draft or during the development process.
A part from detecting script weaknesses, the analysis contribute to help the writer to improve next drafts with solutions or ideas from the narrative point of view and, in some cases, to refocus the production design related to the story and the concept.



Once the in-depth analysis is done, we make the transition to the script editing development process.
In that case, we work side by side with the screenwriter, bearing in mind the aim that we want to reach at the end of the writing.
When you're writing, you feel in the middle of the forest and sometimes it’s hard to find the best path that would work out. When you're script editor, you offer a bird’s eye’ view, and it is easier to show the scriptwriter all the possible paths he/she can choose when he/she feels disoriented and confused.

Continuity reports

Addressed to:  producers, development executive, directors, screenwriters.

Function:  During the script editing process, we will analyze the improvements and the future needs of the script, comparing the brand-new one with the previous drafts. With the continuity report, the script editor will offer specific notes for working and rewriting the next draft.
During all the script editing process, there are not only continuity reports, but also meetings where we discuss step by step the creative decisions and doubts that may appear during the writing process, either with the writer and/or with the producer, in order to achieve the final goal marked at the beginning of the process.

Script editing examples are the script of the feature-film LA ESTRELLA (Alberto Aranda, 2013), and the script of the documentary LA INTÉRPRETE (Antonio Pérez Molero, 2015):

                        La Estrella
A Contraluz/TVC/TVE, 2013
Director: Alberto Aranda
Screenwriter: Belén Carmona, Alberto Aranda
Script editors: Marta Grau, Marta L. Castillo
                                La Intérprete
Inicia Films, 2015
Director: Antonio Pérez Molero
Screenwriter: Antonio Pérez Molero
Script editors: Marta Grau, Daniel Herrera